Dutch Caribbean 2003

Myanmar (Burma) 2002

North Korea 2001

Zaire 1994

Ghana 1992

My professional work experience started with a two-year apprenticeship as Mechanic for Maintenance, Journeyman Certificate (1974-76) in a chemical factory in Germany before I studied civil/water engineering at University of Applied Sciences, Magdeburg in Germany (1979-1983).

In my following jobs in the construction sector I worked in a drilling company as head of several drilling rigs and later I administered construction/rehabilitation projects in urban water sanitation in East Germany. I worked for almost 6 years until I managed to escape in January 1989.

At that time I decided to change my career path and to work in the developing co-operation. In order to contribute in this sector in a professional manner I did a postgraduate MSc. Course in Tropical and Subtropical Water Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences NON SUDERBURG, Germany, Faculty of Civil Engineering (1990-93). The first assignment was 1992 in Ghana, where I worked as short-term expert for rehabilitation in semi-urban water supply.

Summary: I have more than 16 years of professional experience in infrastructure projects, in urban/rural water supply and sewerage systems, in client liaison, in managing these systems and their treatment plants, studies, planning, designing, procuring, logistic and supervising. Detailed experience in rehabilitation and improvement of these systems in first/third world countries as well as in emergency water supply/sanitation for refugees. Also in evaluating, planning, implementing of community based health projects and implementation/promotion of small-and medium size renewable energy and as well related business development and organisational development. Program/project administration/ management/evaluation of developing co-operation and humanitarian aid planning's (ECHO, EDF).

Overseas Experience: 2003 Guyana, Aruba, Netherlands Antilles, 2002 Burma/Myanmar, 2001 North Korea, 1998 South Africa, 1996 Tanzania, 1994 Congo-Zaire, 1993 UK, 1992 Ghana










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